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Simple Checklist:
  1. Backup your site wp-content folder files
  2. Export your database (SQL file)
  3. Install WordPress for new site
  4. Import database (SQL file)
  5. Replace wp-content folder
  6. Edit wp-config.php file with correct settings
  7. Replace URLs
  8. Delete old site

Phase 1 – Backup site on old domainFor advanced users

  • Backup you site on your old domain by logging into DirectAdmin
  • Overview of WordPress files via File Manager
  • The only important files you need for the transfer would be the wp-content folder, wp-config.php file and the site database.
  • Compressed and Download the folder and the wp-config.php file to a backup location on your pc
  • Export the site database via phpMyAdmin (.sql file) to a backup location on your pc

Phase 2 – Transfer site to new domain

  • Install WordPress at new domain
  • View blank installation of WordPress site
  • Drop folders in new database via phpMyAdmin
  • Import old database (.sql file)
  • Set correct domain name URL in database
  • Select the options file in the database and Set correct domain name URL
  • Upload wp-content folder in File Manager
  • Delete the old wp-content
  • Extract wp-content folder (then delete it)
  • Edit config.php file with old details and make sure it points to the new database of you site.
  • Check new site
  • Setting up WordPress database manually (if you’re feeling wild
  • Login to new site
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